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We unite Albanians!

About us

Who we are?

Leader in events

Autochthonous Events is a company that deals with organizing national parties, youth evenings, organizing private parties, organizing weddings, engagements, birthdays, etc.

We, as a company, operate in 52 states of America!

Very soon we will offer our private hall for parties, weddings as well as the possibility of booking by all artists.

Autochthonous Events is a standalone, full-service NYC-based event organizer and promoter operating in all US states.

We specialize in organizing Albanian events that celebrate and promote traditional Albanian music.

We are proud that we have exceeded the expectations of tens of thousands of Albanian-Americans by displaying internationally renowned Albanian artists.

Why us?

because we are a leader

We have established a great reputation and built bridges of cooperation with well-known countries.

Our team strives for the best and aims for the beginnings, as we always research to execute the most creative marketing strategies available.

Our goal is to be united and together we preserve the values and traditions of our nation!

Now even in the US, Autochthonous Events creating opportunities and spaces not to leave the homeland!